Today was a beach day!! We got up at 4:30 and left the house at 5:20…an hour and a half drive to a beach that was…like a dream to me. The beach was called “Hako” and it isn’t super touristy and is SO “surfer beach”. All the surfers there (most of the people) are crazy fit…almost black and most of them have blond dreads. It was the first time here I have kind of thought I have been home for a moment-lots in incense and marijuana and hippies!!!

The water was to die for-not a white sand beach with perfect water…but a gorgeous pebble beach with strong waves and gorgeous mountains in the distance and rocks and sand and AYAYAYAY!!! Such a typical Tico beach-houses in front of the beach are tiny and caged and have towels and swimsuits hanging out front and tons of surf boards….very run down and mostly made of metal-so perfect. The beach made me want to dress all hippy, eat only fruit and surf all day. I didn’t get sunburnt-how crazy is that??? So beautiful en la playa….after the beach we walked around the little town of Hako and all the shops are full of marijuana, incense, hemp clothes, swimsuits, surfboards and fruit. Like heaven (not the marijuana or incense part) for me. Ohhh-I talked to two professional surfers/surf instructors and have their names and numbers for the summer or whenever I want to surf…the bus is two dollars to the beach and I can rent a board for a day for only $10…crazy!! We also saw lots of crocodiles….in a river on the way home. I am a little homesick again…it comes in super soft waves. I have “tests” this week-meaning I only go to school when I have a test…so for like 20 minutes everyday. OH I talked to my parents on Skype for the first time (for the first good time…the actual first time I was a crying mess) and I am so content…and happy and all that. A birthday party for a friend was today…SO MUCH FOOD…jeez don’t be surprised if I come home 20 pounds heavier…yikes yikes. I think soon I am going to stay a night with Alina’s family in the mountains…another trip to the beach as soon as possible…and photos soon too!! Love you all and send hugs and kisses and wishes of good luck